Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco  All about Monte Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo Monaco.

As the name suggests the Monte Carlo Casino is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is one of the most luxurious gambling and entertainment center in Europe which is around 150+ years old. This architectural wonder is made in Napoleon III style with Beaux-Arts design. The casino is officially named Casino de Monte-Carlo selected in Prince Charles’s honor to attract more tourists.

Other Major Attractions

The beauty of the architecture and its well-set garden area makes it worth visiting. The high- end cars parked in front of the building add up to its luxurious and glamorous aura. It is said to be the place of beauty, enjoyment, and dreams. The Opéra and Ballets are the main attractions of the shows. It has a total of 4 hotels with 21 restaurants, 4 Casinos, 11 bars & decent nightlife. You will also find 3 wellness & sports areas.

Casino Details:

As Monte Carlo contributes hugely to the Monaco economy, the government and the ruling royal family have a great interest in it. Due to which locals are prohibited in the Casino premises. The wide variety of games make the Casino experience memorable.

With games like European roulette, English roulette, poker games, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Trente et Quarante, Slot machines you are sure to have a delightful gambling experience. But, entries to the casino are chargeable with an entry fee of 10 Euro for playing which is included in the Visiting ticket of 17 Euro per person.

Timings and rules:

  • Visits 9 AM-1 PM
  • Gaming -2 PM late
  • Admission is strictly restricted to 18+ only.
  • Passport should be carried to get in.

Visiting Guidelines:

  • Casuals are allowed in the Atrium and Salle Renaissance rooms from 9 AM and 2 PM respectively.
  • Blazers and jackets are a must to play in the Casino, which can be provided upon request.
  • Dark jeans and smart casual shoes are permitted.
  • Ripped and stonewashed jeans, sportswear, sandals, and flip-flops are not allowed.
  • Covid-19 protocols are strictly followed.

To add to its popularity:

  • In 1921, the women’s first Olympiad was conducted at the Casino premises.
  • Numerous James Bond movies were shot in Monaco as well as its Casinos.
  • It was the filming location for Casino Royale, an episode of the famous TV show CBS Climax.
  • The movie Ocean’s Twelve released in 2004 was shot in the Casino.
  • This historic Casino is featured in other movies like Condirman, The Castle of Cagliostro, and Madagascar 3.