Gold Mine Mega Split Slot by Slot Factory

Gold Mine Mega Split Slot by Slot Factory Golden Mine MegaSplit is an entertaining online slot game developed by Slot Factory. The theme is gold/gems. In terms of visual elements, prominent cartoonish reel positions in vibrant colours are used along with rocks.

The Gold Mine MegaSplit slot has five reels and 243 ways to win. This release has eight basic symbols – four playing card icons and four gemstones in various colours and shapes. Whenever a winning turn occurs, new icons are displayed in place of the winning ones. Additionally, every spin can trigger so-called mega splits (double symbols). A Mega sign above the reels can split the entire reel with symbols. Three Free Spin symbols on the central three reels will trigger up to nine free spins.

Slot Features

You win based on how many symbols you spin on the reels. Win big by spinning three or more symbols on this Gold Mine of online slots! A gem-sized win is the result of multiple wins added together.

With Gold Mine Megasplit, you have the chance to not only have wins cascading down the reels but also to split those symbols and double your winnings! If any matching symbols appear in the Splitter bar at the top of the reels, the matching symbols will be split on the reels below, allowing up to 10 wins per spin. There is a possibility of large multiplier payouts when a symbol chain is long. As long as there is a Megasplit icon at the top of the Splitter Bar, all symbols on the reels below the Megasplit icon will be split, including those cascading re-spins!


The chances of winning are dramatically higher than ever before, with the availability of up to six splits and five FreeFall spins with every spin! Overall, a delightful slot!